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                    2018 FIELD CLASSES

                           GENERAL INFORMATION:

                                           Please read carefully!   Registration Buttons are at the bottom of this page. 

All class communication will be via e-mail.  If you do not have an e-mail address, please arrange to have a friend handle your communications.

These classes are designed to teach the handler how to train his/her dog to become a competent hunting retriever and to prepare for participation in the AKC hunting tests, the NAHRA & HRC hunting tests, and the GRCA WC/WCX tests.  Homework will be given, and handlers are expected to train between class sessions.  If you have any difficulty determining which class level best fits your situation, please call Judith Erlanger at (978) 263-7301 or e-mail JudithPER@aol.com for further information.

Handlers are welcome to repeat class levels, but preference will be given to first time handler-dog teams.  We usually can accommodate everyone.

CLASSES WILL BE HELD RAIN OR SHINE.   In case of extreme weather, please call your class coordinator (this information will be given to you with your class confirmation) for further details.  We advise you to dress in layers.  Bring rain gear and wear waterproof shoes or boots.  Bring your own lunch and a chair, as training locations are often remote.  If you are planning to carpool, please note that different class levels may be training at different locations.  Family members are welcome, but children must be supervised by an adult who is not a class member.  Classes will be held in the Gardner, Stow, and Templeton  MA, and West Thompson CT areas.  The classes begin at 9:00 A.M. and usually end close to 3:00 P.M.

PLEASE NOTE!  These classes are instructional classes for handlers, to teach handlers how to train their dogs.  They are not designed as training sessions for handlers to work their dogs and get multiple set-ups accomplished in each session.  Instructors will be encouraged to take as much time as necessary to work out retrieving problems and concerns with each handler.  Class size is limited and preference will be given to YGRC members and others on a first come, first served basis. 

Your application and payment must be received by March 9, 2018.

                                              CLASS LEVELS:


This class is for inexperienced handlers and inexperienced dogs.  Experienced trainers will teach you how to teach your dog the basic retrieving skills.  Included will be are general introduction to field training and field tests, step-by-step methods for teaching the retrieve, and the basic obedience needed for field work.  Progression from simple retrieves through back-to-back singles, to double retrieves on land and from simple single retrieves to back-to-back retrieves in the water are the goals for these sessions.  Training on varied terrain, the use of guns, blinds, birds and boats will be covered.  The only prerequisite for this class is that your dog must come when called from a distance of at least 25 feet in a field, off lead.  This class will begin at 9:00 AM sharp.  The instructor will be Sally Bridges.

Please note that this class is designed for those who have never trained a retriever for field work, and who seek an introduction to the various field endeavors, and is not necessarily the first step of a comprehensive training program.  Class members will be encouraged to attend hunt tests and field trials for exposure to "finished retrievers" and experienced handlers. 

                                                                                                       Class Dates:                                       

                                                                                           Fundamentals Class Intro* March 31

                                                                                           Fundamental Class 1: April 7

                                                                                           Fundamental Class 2: April 15

                                                                                                 Fundamental Class 3: April 22                                                                                  

                                                                                           Fundamental Class 4: April 28

                                                                                           Fundamental Class 5: May 12

                                                                                                 Fundamental Class 6: June 9

*This first Fundamentals class, held at the Harvard Sportsman's Club, begins at 1:00 P.M. and is required only for members of the Fundamentals class and for those participants in other class levels who have never attended YGRC field classes before. Anyone wishing to buy training equipment should also attend.  A short Yankee Golden Retriever Club membership meeting will be held at the start of the class.  This meeting will count toward partial fulfillment of club membership requirements. 

FUNDAMENTALS CLASS MEMBERS PLEASE NOTE:  Please DO NOT bring your dogs and puppies to the first Fundamentals Class.  The material we will cover that day will be classroom discussion and demonstrations only, so leave your dogs and puppies at home. 


This class will have classes in Stow, Gardner and Templeton, MA.  This class is designed for persons whose dogs have been introduced to the fundamental class retrieving concepts and basic obedience training.  The emphasis of this class will be for those seeking a WC title and those wishing to participate in Junior Hunter tests.  The focus of the sessions will be teaching the dogs JH scenarios, doubles on land and more difficult single and double retrieves on land and in the water to build confidence, in addition to the obedience required to do this.  Line manners and the concept of a training program will be introduced.  The prerequisites for this class are: 

·         Your dog must be able to swim.

·         Your dog must come when called, with distractions.

·         Your dog must be able to do a 50 yard retrieve on land with no long line.

·         Your dog must be able to do a 20 yard swimming retrieve in water.

·         Delivery to hand is not required. 

A retrieve, by definition, is the dog running out to the bumper and returning to the handler with it. If your dog doesn’t know how to swim he belongs in Fundamentals.

This class will begin at 9:00 AM sharp.  The instructors will be Patti Sullivan & Judith Erlanger, ably assisted by Susan Naylor.

Class Dates:


                                                                                           WC / JH Class 1:  April 14

                                                                                           WC / JH Class 2: April 21

                                                                                           WC / JH Class 3: May 6

                                                                                           WC / JH Class 4: May 19

                                                                                           WC / JH Class 5: June 2


This class will have classes in Stow, Gardner, Carlisle and Templeton MA.  This class is designed for those individuals whose dogs have mastered the basic retrieving skills of single retrieves, delivery to hand, and simple double retrieves on land.  The emphasis of this class will be learning the skills necessary for the WCX test:  land triples, steadiness, and water doubles.  Dogs entering this level must have their WC titles, know basic obedience, deliver to hand, and be familiar with and comfortable with pigeons, ducks and pheasants. 

This class will begin at 9:00 AM sharp.  The instructor will be Karen Scotti.

Class Dates:


                                                                                         WCX / JH Class 1:  April 14

                                                                                         WCX / JH Class 2: April 28

                                                                                         WCX / JH Class 3: May 19

                                                                                         WCX / JH Class 4: May 20

                                                                                         WCX / JH Class 5: June 2


Training equipment and other field materials will be on sale on March 31.                                                                                      Beginning students are encouraged to wait until the first class to purchase equipment to ensure you have the correct items.


There is limited enrollment, so please don't delay.  Preference will be given to YGRC members.                                                                    The fee for each handler/retriever team is:


            YGRC members:                               $150.00

            Applicants & Non-members:          $180.00

YGRC SHOT FLYER DAY: May 12  (Entry Form will be distributed later)                                                          


 Many thanks; I am looking forward to seeing you all,


 Judith M. Erlanger

 YGRC Field Class Coordinator

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