Sunday, May 16, 2021

9am - 3pm

West Thompson Dam, West Thompson, Connecticut



 This is a FREE social event. 

Bring your family, your dogs and a picnic. 

Registration deadline May 8th. 

Event will be cancelled if inclement weather.

EVENT #1:  Veteran Stakes

Dogs do not have to have passed in AKC or GRCA or other field events.  Each Veteran Division will have 1st- 4th placements.  Each Veteran will have back-to-back singles on land and on water if weather permits.  Distances will be short, probably no more than 50 yards.  Dogs do not need to be steady.  A leash or flat-buckle collar may be used to steady the dog.  Delivery to hand is not required, but the dog must return to the area designated by the judges.  A dog may be cast a second time, but this will result in a lower score.  The handler may encourage the dog to hunt.

Veteran Stakes Divisions:        10 years up to 12 years    &   12 years and older

Bumpers will be used for all retrieves

Judges:  Darlene Tucker and Barbara Davis

EVENT #2:  Puppy Stakes 

Puppy Stakes Divisions:  3 months up to 6 months       and        months up to 12 months

Bumpers (or puppy’s favorite toy) will be used for all retrieves ribbons and toys will be awarded in each division.                     

Judges:  Peg Boalt-Juckett and Donna Morgan

Picnic In The Pavilion

Bring Your Lunch!


EVENT #3:  Bumper Toss

Contestants will each toss 3 bumpers into Hula-hoops at 30 feet.  Ties will be runoff until a clear winner is crowned.

Hitting the judges or spectators is disqualifying!

Judges:  Don Stromeyer and Colleen Charles

EVENT #4:  Scurry

The Scurry is the earliest form of retriever competition. In Britain, early in the last century, bragging rights

over the best marking and fastest dogs were settled by “timed marks” or scurrys.

Divisions:    < 12 months  10 yard retrieve

           Open (open to any age.)   50 yard retrieve

           >10+   20 yard retrieve

A mark is thrown on open and safe terrain to a designated area.  If the dog is unsteady it may be held by the collar

until released. The time starts when the handler releases the dog and ends when the dog returns with the

mark over the line. (No fussing with delivery here.)  The scurry is a test of truth to mark and flat out speed.

The handler may encourage the dog to return at top speed however they wish: hooting, hollering, whistling,

swinging a bumper, running away from the line, and general hooliganism is fair play.

The Judge has final say if a mark falls too wide of the designated area and is a “no bird”.

There’s no whining or complaining in the scurry because that’s bad form.

(The area of the fall will be clearly marked with tape for clarity.)

Winners are declared to be the fastest dog alive! 

Judges:  Sally Bridges and Karen Scotti

EVENT #5: Egg Relay

This event was inspired by Susan Lynch’s “Life with Rune”. You might want to watch her video on Facebook and practice at home before trying this.  Bibs for the dogs and rain gear for you might be appropriate.

Your dog will sit at your side at the line and you will ask him to hold a raw egg in his mouth.  You will proceed with him on lead to a cone 30 yards into the field.  You will ask him to give you the egg.  You will place the egg in a spoon (provided) and return holding the egg in front of you on the spoon with your dog on lead beside you.  This event will be timed and run in heats of 3 dogs.  Fastest pair wins.  1st—3rd place will be awarded.

Judges:  Susan Naylor and Deb Houston

A Photographer will be on the grounds so be sure to look your best!!! 

Plan on laughing all day and having a great time!!!

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