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                             Pat Burns:

       Elite Retriever Training Workshop

                              July 20, 21 & 22, 2018

                                  Swift River Retriever Grounds, Templeton, MA

              UPDATE: ONLY 1 WORKING SPOT LEFT!!!!

                                    Please read carefully!   Registration links are at the bottom of this page. 

                                                          Limited to 12 working teams. Auditors welcome.

                                                   Preference to Yankee GRC members until June 5, 2018. 

                                 Non-member registrations accepted after June 5th, in the order registrations are received.


  • The Seminar will run from 8 am to 5 pm everyday.
  • Dogs will run at their current level with individual coaching from Pat.
  • Dogs must have basic obedience training.
Please Note:
  • Food Services are not available on the property.
  • YGRC will provide coffee and donuts.
  • Please bring your own lunch and beverages.
  • Bring water for your dog. Shade is limited so plan accordingly for your dog.
  • Bring a chair, notebook and pen/pencil.  


Directions to Buck Shope's Swift River Retrievers property in Templeton, MA:

  • From Mass Route 2 take Exit 21.
  • Turn right onto Route 2A West.
  • After 1/2 mile turn left onto Partridgeville Road.
  • At stop sign, continue straight onto Pail Factory Road.
  • After dead end sign take fifth driveway on the right.

Please be sure to drive slowly and carefully while on the surrounding roads and on the training grounds.  These grounds and those who share them with us are to be respected at all times.  Please adjust your speed so that you are well under the posted speed limits. If no limits are posted, then please proceed slowly and be aware that others – including pedestrians, children, and dogs may be in the area.  Failure to comply will be met with expulsion.  Refunds shall not be granted.


I (we) acknowledge that in consideration of the acceptance of this application, and the opportunity to attend the workshop and to learn valuable field training skills from experienced trainers, I (we) agree to hold harmless Pat Burns, Elite Retriever Training, Swift Rivers Retrievers, Buck Shope, Yankee Golden Retriever Club, its members, directors, governors, officers, superintendents, and/or its workshop secretary and event coordinator, the owners or lessor of the premises, and any employees of the aforementioned parties, from any claim for loss or injury that may alleged to have been caused directly or indirectly to any person or things by the act of this registered dog while in or upon the workshop premises or grounds or near any entrance thereto.  Further, I (we) further agree to hold harmless the aforementioned parties from any claim for loss of this do by disappearance, theft, damage or injury caused or alleged to be caused by the negligence of any other person or any other cause or causes.

I (we) hereby assume the sole responsibility for and indemnify and save the aforementioned parties harmless from any and all loss and expense including legal fees by reason of the liability imposed by law upon any of the aforementioned parties for damages because of bodily injuries, including death, at any time resulting there from, sustained by any person or persons, including myself (ourselves) or on account of damage to property, arising out of or in consequence of my (our) participation in this workshop, however such injuries, death or damage to property may be caused, and wether or not the same may have been caused or may be alleged to have been caused by negligence of the aforementioned parties or any of their employees or agents, or  any other persons. Please read the workshop information, fill out your registration form completely.  By checking the box on the on-line registration form, I (we) agree to the terms and conditions of this waiver.

                                                                                            Questions?  Contact: 

Charles Lanagan - Event Secretary

cell: 617-645-6828

email: Charles.lanagan@verizon.net

Donna Morgan - Event Coordinator

cell: 603-548-6407

email: dmorganhome@comcast.net


You can register online by clicking the REGISTER button below, or by printing the paper form (link is below) and mailing your payment.  Closing date for registrations is Sunday, June 10th.  No refunds for cancellations after June 15, 2015.  Registrations received after the working spots have been filled will be placed on a waiting list or given an auditor's spot at your option.  Fee difference will be refunded.


To register by mail and pay by check, please click the link below to print the form:

Pat Burns Workshop 2018.pdf

Pail Factory Road, Templeton, MA

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