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Health Clinics

Spring Health Clinics

Sunday March 18, 2018

Integrative Animal Health Center

556 Main Street (Route 117)  Bolton, MA  01740

ALL BREEDS WELCOME.  Bitches in season may attend.

Registration links are at the bottom of the page.   

Eye Clinic:  Dr. Nick Cassotis, DVM, DACVO, and Dr. Alison Clode, DVM, DACVO   

Fee: $30 for Members, $35 for Subscribers, Applicants and Non-Members

OFA Forms will be available at the Clinic.  OFA Submission fees are not included.

Senior dogs will be charged an examination fee, but OFA submission is free. Details at www.offa.com

Note: Each examination takes approximately 5 minutes.

Eye drops to dilate the pupils and aid in examination must be administered 20 minutes prior to the exam.  

Please arrive half an hour prior to your dog's eye appointment, to allow for check-in and eye drops.  Late arrivals will be seen as the schedule allows. 

Cardiac Screening Clinic:  Dr. Tai Casagrande, DVM, DACIM 

Fee: $40 for Members, $45 for Subscribers, Applicants and Non-Members

Note: Each examination takes approximately 5 minutes.

If an echocardiogram is indicated, the Cardiologist will attempt to do the study immediately following the initial exam.  Additional fee of $180 cash for the echo, payable to the vet.

OFA Forms will be available at the Clinic or may be downloaded and completed ahead of time.   www.ofa.org/pdf/cardapp_bw.pdf

Canine Genetic Testing - Optigen or Pawprint Genetics:  Dr. Michael Lappin, DVM    

All breeds welcome.

Fee: $10 per blood draw. Dr. Mike Lappin will collect DNA samples for canine health research.  Golden Retrievers donating for research will not be charged an additional blood draw fee for Optigen or PawPrint testing. 

Available tests are listed on each website.  You must pre-register and pre-pay at www.optigen.com or www.pawprintgenetics.com

Dogs must have verifiable permanent ID.

Microchips: Dr. Michael Lappin, DVM  

Clinic Rate: $35  (Compare at $50+)

Proof of ownership required prior to insertion of chip.

Owner is responsible for submitting chip registration form.

Dogs requiring permanent ID for OFA will be microchipped prior to exam.

SNAP 4Dx Plus - Heartworm, Lyme, Erlichia and Anaplasmosis:  Dr. Michael Lappin, DVM  

Clinic Rate: $35  

Results available on site.

Titers - Using Vaccicheck (R) for Distemper, Parvo and Adenovirus: Dr. Michael Lappin, DVM  

Clinic Rate: $60

OFA X-Rays: Dr. Kathy Sneider, DVM

Hips and Elbows: $325

Hips Only: $165

Elbows Only: $185

Patellas :$50

Light Sedation: $25

OFA Submission Fees not included - to be paid separately at the Clinic.  Please fill out OFA forms before your appointment.

Cash payment only - no checks or credit cards

Payments and Refunds:

Appointments require pre-payment with on-line registration.  You may also register by printing out a registration form and mailing it along with a check or money order.   To print the paper registration form, click the link below:


Refunds and/or cancellations must be made in writing and received at least 3 days prior to the clinic so we have ample time to fill the appointment slot.  

Appointments will be confirmed by e-mail or phone by March 15th.

Please wait until Friday, March 16th to inquire about appointments.  


Please contact Carolyn at BirdwingGR@gmail.com or 978-580-5888

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*to register as a Member, Subscriber or Applicant: you must use your email address on file with YGRC.

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Integrative Animal Health Center

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